Identify the symptoms before the treatment

It is a common fact that in order to treat any disease it should be identified first. If a person is suffering from heart disease and without identifying the doctor gave him medicine of gastric issues then it will not cure the patient. Same is the case with mental health problems; they have to be identified keenly by Dubai psychiatry to treat the patient. Depression treatment in Dubai is easily available. Following are some symptoms of depression which are to be identified before treating:

Loneliness: The first sign a depression patient will show is loneliness. They start feeling themselves lonely even if they are surrounded by a crowd. They feel themselves odd one out or eccentric and then avoid being social. They find themselves comfortable with their own company and find it hard to talk to others. If not cured at early stage they will become a permanent patient of depression.

Introvert: Another sign strictly associated with loneliness is that they become introvert. They start loving their own company and avoid going outside because they think that people will refuse them if they interact with them. They develop a fear of rejection which will then restrain them from being social.

Exhaustion: They feel themselves fatigued all the time even when they don’t take a pace out of their couch. They feel low and drained and as a result they want to stay at bed or couch all day long without doing anything.

Insomnia: If a normal person starts having trouble in sleeping at night that it might shows that something is bothering badly and that person is going towards depression. Insomnia is not always a sign of depression. It may be caused by several other reasons but if this condition persists then it is really an alarming situation and the person should go to a doctor. Having a good night’s sleep is very important for a person to work normally because brain cells also need some time to relax and then they will work normally. If they don’t get that relax time then it will harm the brain.

Hypersomnia: As every person is dissimilar their signs of depression are also dissimilar. It is not essential that everyone will encounter insomnia, some people show state of hypersomnia in which they start sleeping needlessly without time restrictions.