Things you should learn to cook

You don’t need to contact catering companies in Dubai or you are not required to have numbers of food catering in Dubai if you want to learn cooking. You just need to use YouTube to learn to cook fast. 

There are so many dishes which you can learn to cook this month but there are some dishes which you should learn, if you are foodie. These dishes are:

  1. Mac n Cheese Pasta: If you love pasta and want to learn something easy to cook, then watch videos of mac n cheese pasta because it is super easy dish to cook. All you need is to boil pasta, then add different cheese (mozzarella and cheddar) and milk in it, cook it and your meal is ready to have. Serve it with shredded green leaves and drink to make the meal awesome.
  2. Chinese Spaghetti or rice: If you want to learn a dish which can also fill your tummy, then learn to make Chinese spaghetti or rice because these dishes demand exceptional vegetable cutting only. And it is not difficult to cut vegetables exceptionally. You can learn it fast. Learning Chinese dishes will make you better cutter. So learn to cook Chinese dishes and be a chef. 
  3. Pizza: It is another easy dish to bake. You can get ready made dough of pizza. All you need is to spread pizza sauce on it, make spicy chicken, cut onions and capsicum, cut cheese and spread all cut items on dough, then bake it for few minutes. Serve it with cold-drink and sauce.
  4. Pizza Fries: It is one of the most trending dish. You can also learn it fast because all you need is to spread fried fries on baking dish or bowl, add pizza sauce on it, spread cheese along with chicken and capsicum, add some spices and bake it for few minutes. Have it as starter with drink and cheesy sauce. 
  5. Cheese potatoes: It is too easy to make. You just need to boil potatoes, mash them, add spices in it according to your taste, make ball of them and add a cube cheese in each ball, coat them with egg and bread crumbs and fry them. 
  6. Sandwich maker cakes: You can bake them for supper and have them with tea if you bake plain cakes or milk like liquor if you bake chocolate cakes. All you need is to make batter of cake and put the batter in sandwich maker’s sandwich compartments. But spread a pinch oil in the compartment, then pour batter, then close it. When, you see lightning light, then open it, turn them upside down and close it again. When they are cooked from both sides, then put them on plate. Serve them with chocolate or blueberry sauce.